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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Early morning stroll!

 An early morning walk around my local moor gave me an opportunity to photograph these Fieldfare.
 It was a lovely crisp day and a party of about 15 birds dropped in to feed on the insects that were hidden in the grass.
 Very skittish and difficult to approach, I was sat having a cup of coffee when they afforded me excellent views.I think they are the most handsome of the thrushes.Usually they are up in the trees feeding on the bright red berries of hawthorn and rowan, it was nice to see them at ground level!
A real bonus to the day was this pair of Little Owls who were making the most of the warm sunshine.I had only ever seen 1 bird at this particular site, on an old ruin of a barn,so I`m hopeful they will pair up for next season!

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  1. The little owls are super little birds...a great find.Well done Paul.