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Sunday, 29 March 2015


We were fortunate to visit the Caribbean for a weeks break recently,and as always an odd camera and lens was thrown into the hand luggage..just in case.Basically a beach holiday was planned with a few escorted trips thrown in for good measure.

Jamaica isn,t the place that you can explore at you,re own leisure unfortunately and birding opportunities were to be rather limited!However the hotel complex was set in about 10 acres and early mornings was the time for me to go on my recces.
  This night heron was found patrolling the ornamental ponds which held a few small fish for it to feed on!
                                                Very confiding and photogenic.
                                    The Large blue heron wash,t very far away too!
Flitting about in the trees were numerous small warblers,this is a Prairie warbler from southern North America.Like ours here, they too migrate south to warmer climates.
  Accompanying the Prairie warbler was I think a Cape May warbler.
                                Cape May Warbler from Canada and North America.
A really nice looking bird coming back into breeding plumage.
                    .                                                        Prairie Warbler!

On one of the trips we took out,we enjoyed a boat ride up the Black river which was full of mangroves.The Osprey was feeding on a fish it had caught.The guide told us that 8 pair were known to breed in the vicinity!Later we were to come across a few Crocodiles which were present in the mangroves too,but I,ll post some images of these in my next blog.

Plenty of these small reptiles were in the vicinity but you had to be quick with the camera to obtain a reasonable image.I don't know the name of it but will try to add one later!
I was surprised to find this Belted Kingfisher around the ornamental pond,but he would always stay out of range for a decent image and usually didn,t stray far from his perch high up in a tree!
Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to look in!