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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Great Northern Diver (Salford Quays)

Tuesday's forecast was judged to be the best day of the week, re weather condition,a
 most welcome  break from the torrential rain and high winds that we have been experiencing of late.Locally to where I live,rivers have burst their banks and villages close by, have endured major flooding,the likes of which we have not seen for decades!

This gave me the ideal opportunity to grab the camera and head for Salford in Manchester,where a juvenile Great Northern Diver had taken up residence.The bird no doubt had been driven inland by the recent gales and had found peace and solitude within this urban landscape.

Salford quays was once the third busiest port in the UK in its heyday,but with containerisation throughout the 1970s, it declined dramatically and ceased to trade!However in the early 1980s it was transformed, with the aid of grants and regeneration funds, to become what it is today.

In 1983, 12000 coarse fish were introduced into the complex as water quality improved.The water was aeorated by using a  compressed air mixing system, which can still be seen working today!Water quality is monitored fortnightly by Manchester university and the fish continue to thrive!No doubt this being the major reason the Diver has decided to remain for the last few weeks!

Its not the ideal location for nature photography,but with the bird showing down to a few metres,it was too good an opportunity to miss and with accomplice and fellow  enthusiast Craig Bell,we spent an enjoyable couple of hours rattling off a few shots.I hope you enjoy looking at the images and would just like to end by wishing all my followers and friends a very happy new year,.....stay well and I hope to see you all soon!

Salford Quays today!

A nice reflection off the red brick buildings added to the flavour!

A very obliging bird!

So close at times I lost focus!

Craig waits patiently for a shot!