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Saturday, 21 November 2015

A visit to the east coast.Spurn point!

Apologies for the lack of news recently,but work commitments,being unable to get out with the camera,combined with terrible weather have all taken their toll on my blog posts,so anyway I have to go back to early october to find some half decent images that I hope can interest you.

In fact it was a trip to the east coast at Spurn,  with good friend Craig Bell that enables me to put together these few images!There were one or two yellow browed warblers about the headland, but try as I might,I couldn,t manage one decent shot with the camera of these small warblers.

A similar sized bird that I did capture a few images of was this Firecrest below,its high pitched call alerted Craig to its presence and we spent an enjoyable half hour in its company.It was only the second firecrest that I had seen and I was happy to succeed with one or two close shots!

Around the hide at canal scrape, were a couple of jacksnipe that gave good close views,their constant bobbing action always giving them away! They were usually hidden by the reeds but one would occasionally venture out for a foray in the mud.

The Sparrowhawk,or is it a male Goshawk, put the waders up with its flypast,though it was unsuccessful in its attempt to grab one.I'm sure it would,t go hungry for long, as thrushes and migrants were quite abundant in the bushes...So I,ll try to post some more images shortly, from last months outings..stay well and see you soon!!!


Firecrest,one of two that were present.

Sparrowhawk or Goshawk!