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Thursday, 24 December 2009

A Touch Of Velvet

Female Velvet Scoter
She gave really good views!

A real rarity inland.
We were graced by the prescence of this sea duck this week at one of our local lakes.Not normally found inland at all, but for some strange reason she dropped into Barrow lower lake near Clitheroe on the 22/12/09.
It caused quite a stir amongst the local birding groups, as I`m led to believe its only the third sighting of this species in East Lancs for a good few years.About 80% of the lake was frozen solid, so the duck was easy to locate and photograph.She seemed almost tame at times coming within a few yards of the bank.She was feeding avidly on freshwater mussels, which she swallowed whole.
The lake seems to hold good numbers of these, so maybe the Scoter will remain for some time.I for one will be keeping a close watch on the situation in the hope of observing this delightful bird on my doorstep!!!!