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Saturday, 31 March 2012

St Lucia species!

                                             Green Carib feeding...
                             Green Carib at rest...
                                       Gorgeous little birds.
                                                   Crested Carib.
                                        Diminuitive little birds..
       The most common of the birds I encountered on my travels were the Bananaquit, pictured above,they appeared frequently amongst the foilage, always feeding on any flowers that were about.You could hear them constantly calling to one another as they fed.

I was fascinated by some really small hummingbird species that were also evident amongst the trees.They were so quick and dainty, flicking here there and everywhere.They posed a real challenge with the camera as they were never still.Occasionally one would pause to rest on a branch and I would be given a chance to capture an image or two before it was off again.Of course the climate and abundant flowers were suited for these birds and again they were pretty common throughout.I enjoyed watching and studying their behaviour and marvelled at their agility to remain motionless,wings beating twenty times a second and in a blink of an eye they were gone from view.I hope you enjoy the set above and hope to bring you more from the Carribean Islands later...thankyou for looking..............