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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Fox cub

Last sunday morning,I was up and out early to check a few areas, where I had previously known foxes to breed.This particular site had been used by badgers in the past,so I was pleased when I spotted this young fox cub at the entrance to the den! 
I had spotted the cub from about 100 metres away,so I made sure that I was upwind of him before I attempted to move closer!
He was oblivious of my presence as he casually lingered around the entrance!
I sat patiently for 15 mins, in the hope that an adult or more cubs would appear,but nothing else was about,maybe they were taking a nap underground and this one wasn't able to sleep!
He was enjoying the early morning sun amongst the reeds and was content just to sit there!
I was about 20 metres away,hidden under a willow tree,but he knew I was there, as he's looking straight down the lens!
I intend to pay a few more early morning visits to the site,hoping to see and photograph his siblings..I'll keep you posted on the outcome!!!!

Friday, 20 May 2016

An encounter with a Stoat!!

Whilst out in the trough of Bowland last week,I chanced upon a Stoat!I had stopped the car in a lay-by, to check out some curlew that I had seen in an adjoining field, when I spotted the stoat cross the road and head towards a wall.I quickly grabbed my camera and put on the 400 mm lens in the hope that I might get a few shots of this elusive animal.My luck was in as I watched him work the wall, no doubt looking for a mouse to eat!

He certainly knew I was onto him, as every now and then he would appear and check me out.I was about 15 metres away leant against a fence post.

I have been trying for a while now to get an image or two of this lightning quick animal,and was in my element that I had found one,maybe even with youngsters hidden in the wall!

Three or four times he left the seclusion of the wall and zig zagged through the meadow looking for prey!Twice he came back with a field vole so I think was obviously feeding kits or his mate!

I have returned once back to the Stoat,only to have a fleeting glimpse of him as he made his way back from a sortie.Hopefully my next trip out there will result in a few more images of him...I'll keep you posted on any happenings.Thanks again for dropping by and stay well!!!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Moor Piece reserve.

Male Pied Flycatcher

About 9 pair bred here last year.

TreePipit,this was one of two birds present and displaying!
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Moor piece nature reserve on the fringes of the trough of bowland, is one of my favourite places to visit at this time of year.It is well known for its breeding Pied Flycatchers,which use the many nest boxes that are to be found within the wood.I decided on a visit there earlier this week,and was delighted to see that numerous pairs of flycatchers had safely returned from Africa, to once more set up their territories!The sound of numerous males could be heard, as I made my way through the footpaths.I picked up on an unfamiliar call from high up in the canopy...it was a tree pipit also proclaiming territory.I knew that they had bred in the woods previously,but never managed to see them.The bird was calling non stop and even did its display flight from its lofty perch,,fantastic.Another bird was also found calling about 100 metres away.and I had good views of this too!Iv'e put together a few images of the morning and hope that you enjoy these wonderful birds!