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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Fox cub

Last sunday morning,I was up and out early to check a few areas, where I had previously known foxes to breed.This particular site had been used by badgers in the past,so I was pleased when I spotted this young fox cub at the entrance to the den! 
I had spotted the cub from about 100 metres away,so I made sure that I was upwind of him before I attempted to move closer!
He was oblivious of my presence as he casually lingered around the entrance!
I sat patiently for 15 mins, in the hope that an adult or more cubs would appear,but nothing else was about,maybe they were taking a nap underground and this one wasn't able to sleep!
He was enjoying the early morning sun amongst the reeds and was content just to sit there!
I was about 20 metres away,hidden under a willow tree,but he knew I was there, as he's looking straight down the lens!
I intend to pay a few more early morning visits to the site,hoping to see and photograph his siblings..I'll keep you posted on the outcome!!!!

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  1. Paul. You are having a great run with the mammals.This lovely little fox is really enjoying the morning sun.Let's hope the rest of the family pose for you!!!