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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Caribbean conclusion!!!!!

 So to capture the flavour of the islands,I`ve shown some shots that convey what the Caribbean entails.As you disembarque the ship,you`re usually greeted by the sounds of steel drums and dreadlocked rasta musicians.It is the culture of the locals to play these instruments and some of the tunes they portray are a delight to the ears.We always left a few dollars tip, as in 80 degree heat they fully deserved it.
 The photo above was a small secluded beach I came across whilst on my wanderings.There was hardly anybody about. The sand was like talcon powder and the water was crystal clear down to about 5 metres.Walking along in my bare feet Robinson Crusoe sprung to mind!There wasn`t a sunbed to be seen anywhere so I unwrapped my towel and savoured the occasion.It was too far away for most people to venture, but as I say `no pain,no gain`.
 Here are a few images of some colourful charachters that were in attendance.The old Rastafarian above was chillin out at a local beach bar.The guy below was earning a few dollars at the quayside doing a spot of painting,he was only to happy to be photographed and enjoyed the moment!
 Being in the Carribbean lends itself to some stunning sights.Non moreso than its vast array of tropical flowers which thrive on the moist trade winds from the East,perfect growing conditions for all of the  species. To walk through these botanical gardens and to admire and smell the various plants and shrubs was mind blowing.I`m not to clued up with the names of all these flowers but the experience of just being there was more than enough to compensate!
                                       A type of bell flower.
                                      Red Hibiscus.
                                         This one`s an Anthurium or Flamingo Flower.

                                  This I think is `Bird Of Paradise`
 So finally I`ll close with a few more avian shots.This Osprey took me by surprise.I could hear it calling in the distance but couldn`t locate it,search as I might nothing.Just as I was about to give up I turned a corner and there on the top of a 40ft telegraph pole was this man made platform.I certainly wouldn`t call it a nest but the Osprey seemed to like it!
This was flying in and out of the scrub, a Yellow Rumped Warbler.Thousands of these migrate south from America through October onwards.I believe they are common to the islands but it was the only one I saw.
So thats it finally on my adventure through the Caribbean islands,although primarily a familly holiday, I feel as if I didn`t do to bad on the nature side of things with the lens.Oh yes having a teenage daughter and wife, I did my fair share of trolling through the markets and boutiques and plenty of shopping thrown in to boot.It makes me wonder how I fit everything in but it was more than worth the effort.Roll on next year!!!!!

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  1. Paul. A very colourful ending to your holiday. Great variety of images giving an idea of life in The Carribean. That beach is stunning and the wonderful colours of the tropical flowers are beautiful.What a great holiday you and your family had.