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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Caribbean cruise.

Brown Boobie.

Common througout the trip.

Homing in on the flying fish!

Masked Booby

Less than 60 mtrs away before she disappeared.

Striking birds to watch!
I thought it about time I posted a few images from my recent trip to the Caribbean.We were fortunate to take a two week break on board one of the many cruise ships that sail around the islands there.Again it was a familly holiday with my wife,son,and daughter in attendance.I couldn`t help but throw in a few lenses and trusty Canon 5D just in case anything of interest was about.

I`ll add to this blog as I go along but first I`ll start with a few seabirds that followed the ship on her journey across the seas.Gannets and Brown Boobies were the main species but also Frigate birds and Pelicans were regularly seen.I think Boobies and Gannets are from the same familly as they look and act very similar.Being aboard the ship afforded fantastic views of the birds and I spent many an hour observing their actions from above and also below.The large wake created by the bow of the ship would displace small shoals of flying fish which in turn would attract the attention of the birds.These fish would literally fly up to 40 metres just above the surface giving the birds time to pick one or two of them off.A one in six catch rate was usually the norm, with the lucky bird being mobbed by the others trying to steal its catch.

Whilst sunbathing one morning the tannoy anounced whale to the starboard side, on which everybody rushed over to gain a view, I was unlucky and never saw it, as it only showed for 10 seconds or so before diving down into the depths.Later that week whilst watching the Gannets performing, I purposely kept a vigil looking out to sea with camera at the ready.Many times I was asked what I was looking for by the numerous sunbathers,Whale I constantly replied.They looked at me daft and eyed me with suspicion.After a good hour routed to the spot, I thought I saw a huge jet of water spurt up from afar,couldn`t have been could it?My mind playing tricks on me I thought.Two minutes later a guy jumped up off his seat shouting `whats that` and pointed to my right.Coming straight towards the ship less than 70 metres away a huge shape cut through the surface, it only showed for a few seconds, but gave me enough time to keep the shutter button pressed. Everybody rushed over but it had gone down deep.Did you get it, one guy asked,certainly did and I had to show the gathering throng the image on my camera.Suddenly everybody wanted to talk to me now,but it was just pure luck, as no other Whales were spotted throughout the whole trip.I was well chuffed with myself as I`d never seen one before and to photograph one was a real bonus!Further blogs to follow.