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Monday, 28 November 2016

Waxwings in East Lancs

With the influx of Waxwings being reported in the far north eastern parts of Britain,it was only a matter of time before they reached our part of the country!Birdguides gave reports, of good numbers in the Lake district before a couple of dozen or so finally appeared in Blackburn Lancashire!

Being only a stones throw away from where I live ,I eagerly got my gear together and made my way to the site!A few birders and photographers had gathered at the location and with the early morning light filtering through,I happily clicked away at the Continental visitors.The birds were quite flighty and alternated between the berry trees and some larger sycamore/ash trees on the periphery of the car park!

An enjoyable couple of hrs soon passed by,with old acquaintances renewed and new ones formed!Thats all part and parcel of the hobby,you do meet some fine folk!A couple of hundred or so images were obtained,a few of which I have put together below.So please keep well and catch up with you soon!
Actually this first image was from a few yrs back,but it is one of my favourites!

Part of a flock of 26!

Yes I did manage one actually with a berry between its bill!