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Friday, 17 June 2011


I`ve posted this image of a Lesser Kestrel as it isanother bird of the plains. Black Shouldered Kite country

Hovering right in front of us!

Looking straight at me!

The Alentejo region of inner Portugal is a real mecca for raptors which are always a magnet to any birdwatcherOne of the birds I hadn`t seen on my previous visit was the black shouldered kite .This bird favours the large open plains with a scattering of trees in which it breeds.When seen at close quarters it looks nothing like a Kite species at all but what a stunning bird it is.What struck me most was its small size and striking grey plummage with black tipped wings,its eyes were a distinct blood red.Simon had discovered a pair on breeding territory and we watched one of them hovering right before our eyes looking for prey.It was a magical moment for me and I can`t wait to spend more time with these birds at a later date.I managed one or two images of the birds before the light disappeared and I left the site with that wonderful glow of contentment one feels when youv`e had a really good day out

with the camera!

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