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Monday, 6 June 2011

Part Albino Blackbird!

Whilst taking a short break with the familly last week in the Yorkshire Dales,I came across this part albino Blackbird.Initially it flew across my path and for a while had me flumaxed as to what it was.It was nearly dark and also I didn`t have my camera with me ..Up bright and early the next day I took the same route, keeping my eyes peeled.Before long it duly appeared, singing its head off perched atop a telegraph pole and later flitting about the area in general.I achieved a few decent shots as it sat proud on the wire not at all bothered by my presence!

Going back over the years, I`ve seen a few albino crows and a Jackdaw, so this was another of those throwback to nature birds.I think the song of a Blackbird is one of the most beautiful of our songsters and is always a pleasure to listen to,especially last thing at night, as dusk falls!

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