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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Local patch,Jackhouse/Ossy moor

 A walk around my local patch looking for migrants was the purpose of my latest sortie and I wasn`t to be dissappointed.First up was this greater spotted woodpecker which is resident to the area.
 There are 3 roe deer that inhabit the woods,often I come across them when on my recces,the stag eyed me cautiously before bounding away to safety!
 On my way up to the moor,I spooked one of a pair of Little Owls that regularly breed here.
 At last, one of the migrants I`d hoped to see.Another flew northwards up the gully at the side of the moor.With the wind blowing South/Southwest for the last couple of days,migration should gather momentum!The first willow warbler only arrived on the 14 April, some 2 weeks later than last year!
 Wheatears have been present on the moor for the last 8 days,with good numbers now being seen regularly.
 Part of a flock of Golden plover that have been around the moor the last few weeks.Numbers have built up to 58 lately, with I expect more to come on their push Northwards!
I got within 50 yards of the birds feeding on the sheep grazed meadow.I carefully scanned each individual bird to see if any Dotterel were mixed in with the flock.Not to be though,  but a few Dotterel have been reported locally!So in all, a rather productive few hours after work.Just a matter of time before the sand martins return to their nest burrows.I`ll keep you informed and thanks again for dropping by!!!!!