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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Long Eared Owl

A vole has been spotted!
Graceful birds.

Low to the ground listening!

Away she goes!!!

At rest!!

For the last couple of weeks,I`ve had the good fortune to watch a couple of my local Long Eared Owls hunting the moorlands.It is at this time of year you get the chance to view these fantastic birds during the last couple of hours of daylight as they are feeding their young.

One of the Owls is a new bird previously unknown to me,it flew across the front of the car as I was heading to another LEO site a few miles away!!This bird hunts close to the roadside, so is quite easy to get close to without disturbing it.I never tire of watching these graceful birds hunt the open moorlands and many an hour has been spent in their company.Again it seems to be a very good Vole year which enables the parent birds to satisfy the young owlets insatiable appetite,there is nothing like the call of the youngsters echoing across the pine forest on the edge of darkness.

I`ll be closely following the Leos over the next month or so,as the youngsters are dependent on their parents to provide for them even though they are fully fledged and able to fly quite well.Again I hope you enjoy my pictures I managed of the adult birds!!!!


  1. Paul. What can I say.... Absolutely fabulous shots !!! .. They are all brilliant especially the first and last ones. The last one on the wall is superb in it's composition, lighting etc. very well done. I am jealous and looking forward to a trip over to see these special birds. Speak to you soon.

  2. Paul Well done brilliant time and effort= results remember meeting you when looking for Hawfinch