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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Leighton Moss Silverdale.

 With this dreadfull weather upon us at the moment I`ve decided to catch up on my blog list.A few months back I decided on a sortie to Silverdale to see what wader species had dropped in.It`s usually a reliable site for Godwits,Redshank,and various other waders.On arrival I was pleased to see a Marsh Tit feeding amongst the reeds.In East Lancs this is somewhat of a rareity, so I was really glad to stumble across this bird in its natural habitat.A good start to the day indeed!
 I wasn`t to be disappointed as I settled into the Eric Morecambe hide for there were plenty of waders feeding out on the scrape.Amongst these were a few Spotted Redshank,what I`d give to see one of these birds in Summer breeding plummage,a bird of the high Arctic indeed.A bonus was that they were showing relatively close.
 They have a slightly down turned bill than the Common Redshank and longer legs.Though only in its Winter plummage,it still was a lovely bird to observe at close range!!!
 Now Snipe are usually very difficult to get near to,usually they zip up from your feet when flushed, giving you that zig zagged flight as they head away at a great rate of knotts.I don`t think there is a better sound of Spring when walking the moors than to listen to a drumming Snipe as it tries to impress a female,only yesterday I was listening to the very same whilst walking up in Bowland.I quite like the distinct sound it makes as it stands atop a fencepost or wall emitting that see-sawing call...unmistakeable!!Today from the cover of the hide, there was up to 10 feeding,all were within  12 metres of where I was sat...
Making my way back to the car after a good few hrs in the hide,I spotted 3 Roe deer, sneakily picking their way through the long grass.Again difficult to approach,but this one let me take a couple of shots before together, they bounded away out of sight!I`m not usually comfortable sat in hides on the reserves,but providing you can get there at first light, you can be alone for the first hour or so before the crowds arrive.Again I`m pleased I was on the road early and I am glad to share some of my images with my followers a lot closer to home !!!!!!!!!!


  1. Great images Paul,such a wonderful place to capture images of the waders.I'm with you about the spotted redshank in summer plumage.Nice account of your day out.

  2. Paul. See you are in the blogging mood !! Very nice selection from Leighton Moss..last year was very good for spot reds and snipe. I remember that roe deer close to the car park..it posed nicely for me as well. Looking forward to our next outing when the weather improves.