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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Southport RSPB reserve.

 An afternoon visit to Marshside Reserve at Southport was enjoyed with friend and fellow photographer Brian Rafferty.The Avocet was much in evidence and we had an enjoyable couple of hrs watching them go through their mating rituals.
 The female would remain motionless in the shallow water with head bowed, whilst the male would walk around her in decreasing circles having to stoop to creep under her tail.He would then stop and continually splash water at his mate.
 The water splashing must be a sign for the female to ready herself and the male duly co operates.
 To finish off the male seems to cuddle the female and duly gives her a peck on the cheek as a thankyou token.
 Black Tailed Godwit are also present in large numbers on the marsh and most are coming into spectacular breeding plummage.
 When viewed close up they show their true colours with russet neck and head leading to a black tipped bill.
A Little Grebe continually swam in front of the hide, again in nice summery plummage.Another name given is the Dabchick.
This Godwit preens, showing its namesake tail.By now a lot of the Godwits will have left the area to head North, probably to Iceland and eastern Europe where good numbers breed.I believe a few isolated pairs breed in Northern Scotland but numbers are low.
There is always plenty going on at the reserves this time of year and are a good place to visit and observe the waders.I hope you enjoy the images posted and look forward to posting my next blog shortly!!!


  1. Crackin stuff, must get over to Marshside again myself. Great collection of images, like the Wheatear too and the Hawfinch... Super.

    1. Thanks Geoff,you`d better get over quick as I think the Godwits will be well...Well gone.Good luck in your quest!!!