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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Garden visitors

 This Red Admiral was a welcome visitor to my back garden a few weeks back, as are indeed any sort of butterflies to be honest!This one appeared just as the last of the Buddleia flowers began to disappear!
 I think this is a juvenile Sparrowhawk.I`d only just put the peanut feeders back in position for the winter,when it gatecrashed the party and took a bluetit!
 Yes I did say garden visitors!News went out a few weeks ago of a Pallas`s Warbler being found in a back garden in Knott End.They are native of the far East, but sometimes turn up on the East coast during migration and are about the size of a Goldcrest!
The house owner being a local birder, was only too keen for people to come and view the Asiatic warbler and many people, myself included,took full advantage.Very difficult to photograph,I did my best.I believe it stayed around for 4 days before it continued on its way!

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