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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Cyprus Oct/Nov 2012

 Having recently returned from 9 days holiday in Paphos Cyprus with my familly,I`d like to share with you a few of the many images I took whilst out on my early morning jollies.I just love going to these different countries, not only  to experience the local culture and cuisine, but also to see the varied wildlife and fauna that is also on offer there!

Having done a little research prior to departing,my first place of call was the headland around the corner from Paphos Harbour.It was a usually reliable site for Greater Sand Plover, with up to 5 birds being present at this time of year. A 5.45 am start and mile and a half walk from the hotel found me scanning the the rocky coastline!  
A few of these chunky,long legged and thick billed plovers sometimes overwinter here after breeding in the semi deserts of Turkey and eastwards through central Asia.True to the book,bingo I found 5 individuals patroling the shoreline!
 They were approx 200 metres away when I first saw them, but with a careful approach I got within 30 metres which was sufficient for a few images.

 I was told later that it was a bit hit and miss finding the birds, as the coastline stretches a good few miles!

 As always when abroad, the weather is usually reliable and the early morning light adds favourably to the task of photography!

The Plover were spread out over about15 metres,I couldn`t quite manage a group shot!
I`ll post more images of the other species I stumbled across in forthcoming blogs,thanks for looking in...........


  1. Good fieldcraft works well anywhere, good images Paul (I know where to go next time or if I make it back).... makes a chnage from waxwings!

  2. Paul.The early morning stint pays off again...What a super little bird beautifully photographed in lovely early morning light. Well done mate. Catch up with you soon.