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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Cyprus 3 (Raptors)

 I think most birders and photographers if asked, would put raptors and owls at the top of their hit list.I for one just love watching these birds of prey in their natural environment.On first catching sight of the above raptor thermaling high up in the mountains,I thought Eagle,mainly due to its size.It turned out to be a Long Legged Buzzard,quite local to the area but not common.
 However there was no mistaking this bird of prey.It was one of a pair I spotted quite a distance away and slowly they edged nearer to allow identification.Bonnelli`s Eagle.They are also known to breed on Cyprus with good numbers reported every year fledging youngsters.
 Again an easy id on this one Peregrine falcon, which Nick spotted patrolling a large cliff face where there were lots and lots of pidgeons.Against a brilliant blue background just awesome.
 The area shown here is part of Anarita park looking out towards the coast,anything passing through can usually be picked up.In peak migration times all the main raptors are usually around.Merlin/Red Footed falcons/Kestrel/Eagles/Harriers/Buzzards/Hobby
 all have been seen here annually!
A slightly commoner raptor,Sparrowhawk.This one narrowly missed a Finch`s Wheatear which 10 secs earlier, had been sat on the very same rock.A lucky escape indeed.There were plenty of larks/pipits and Linnets around so she won`t be going hungry for too long!I`ll finish this account of the Anarita park area and next time I`ll concentrate on the coastal lowland areas were more interesting birds of prey were observed!thanks for dropping by and taking the time to view!!!!!!


  1. Blue skies and raptors..lovely stuff Paul...Look forward to more from Cyprus.

  2. Love the photos Paul, you did really well to get such good quality shots in the circumstances!

  3. THANKS Paul for p[osting these, I will be better educated and prepared IF and next time I visit, (east of Limasol)

  4. When you getting the next installment on Paul? Looking forward to seeing any harrier photos you have.