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Friday, 8 June 2012


    Continuing on from my last blog,I`d now like to show you some images of a dashing little falcon the Hobby.It just ouzes speed and feeds on the abundant dragonflies that skim the reeds.Later when they have bred and are feeding chicks they hunt swallows and swift to supplement their diet!
 Believe it or not, there were up to 30 hawking insects, with some coming within range of the camera.They seem to meet up at Lakenheath before continuing their journey North, as food is plentiful here in early May!
 This adult flew in from behind me and perched about 50 yds away,giving me the chance to admire his plummage,the orange pants contrasting starkly with his streaked breast.
 Usually I haven`t been able to get this close,maybe he was resting up after his long journey from Africa!
 A bonus whilst watching the Hobbies hunting, was the appearence of this Roebuck that materialised from out of the reedbed!
A quick blast on the shutter button and he was away, bounding gracefully into cover!
I`ll post more images from Lakenheath shortly,so please enjoy my latest captures from this marvellous reserve!!!

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  1. Paul. What a brilliant time you had at Lakenheath...Super images of the hobbies I can't believe there were up to thirty of these stunning little falcons. What great shots of my favourite..the roe deer. This male is a stunner and posed beautifully for you before bounding away. Can't wait for your next installment !!