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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Common Buzzard

  I recently got close to one of our more common raptors a few weeks back whilst out with the camera.
 Its such a shame that these birds are still persecuted up and down the British Isles.
 I believe they were trying to make this legal,due to the Buzzard taking pheasant poults on some rich estate owners land.For God`s sake its a bloody bird of prey.At the moment this has been given a knockback due to a huge outcry from bird lovers everywhere.What a shame the same couldn`t be done for the Hen Harrier,with not one breeding pair in the whole of England!
 It`s always pleasing to look skywards and watch the Buzzards spiralling on the thermals.Sometimes you`ll find one perched on a fencepost by the motorway as you pass by.
In my neck of the woods, I can only think of 2 breeding pair, one of which failed miserably this season.Lets hope these large raptors grace our skies for many more years to come!!!!


  1. Excellent post, and excellent photography of a bird in the news. Thanks for highlighting this again Paul, we can't overdo all this highlighting, and need to keep our eyes full on people like the Countryside Alliance and others.

  2. Fine selection of images... I've seen Buzzrads taking worms, frogs, etc they are not all young poults! Wonder where they get their information, anyway still a fine collection of images here and in your earlier posts.