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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Farmland birds!

 Seeing as the weather outside is wet and windy,I`ll post another blog from a recent recce to the arable lands of the west coast of Lancs.The day started early for me, as I knew the birds would be in full voice.There is no mistaking the Corn Buntings rhythmatic jingly metallic call and at least 4 males were singing from their lofty positions on the wires.
 It is not one of our prettiest birds, being somewhat drab in appearence with its heavy body and stout bill, and when seen in flight it seems to dangle its legs somewhat!
 The Yellow Wagtail on the other hand is one of our most colourful birds with a somewhat modest call, consisting of two or three scraping notes.Numbers are well down at the moment with this male being the only one I found on my travels.
 Again using an elevated position to survey the area, perhaps he had a mate tucked away in the vegitation.
 I was happy to see this Bee Orchid on my travels,its pherimones attract male bees who try and mate with its flower, which in turn looks like a female bee, thereby pollinating them.This is known as `pseudocopulation`,all very clever don`t you think!!So thanks for dropping in on my blog and I`ll post further accounts soon!!!


  1. Not many Corn Buntings about nowadays Paul and even less Yellow Wagtails,as also is the Bee Orchid,lovely images of birds and flowers that not many people see in these parts.Thank you for sharing mj.

  2. Paul. It's certainly a blogging day today !!......It has to stop raining soon ??... Super shots Paul of a couple of uncommon farmland birds. Really like the bee orchid one of our more spectacular orchids..We are due a trip out sometime !!