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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Cuckoos and Orioles

 May soon comes around so I take my annual trip southeast to the Fens of Suffolk.The weather was good and a lot of the migrants are back, looking to set up territory.Of course this can`t be said of the Cuckoo, which lays a single egg in the nest of its chosen recipient,in this area usually a reed warbler.
 There seemed to be up to 3 males and a couple of females patrolling the reserve.The females emitting a gutteral bubbling call which easily distinguised them from the males.
 Star bird on the reserve is the Golden Oriole.Last year they failed to produce any youngsters and I feel we may be coming to the end of an era for this super bird!The male hadn`t been seen or heard up to the 11 May and optimism was low that he wouldn`t return,but at precisely 10.30 am that morning I heard his distinct call and immediately called the site office to give them the good news!
 In fact he showed unusually well for the species and delighted many fellow birders.
I even managed a rare flight shot when he traversed the two Poplar woods.I believe he was joined by another male in the following weeks, so lets hope a female drops by and pairs up.I`ll have more photos and news from Suffolk in my next blogs coming shortly!!!


  1. Paul. What can I say !!....Brilliant shots..What an experience. You were certainly in the right place at the right time.Very well done and well worth the journey.