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Friday, 5 March 2010

Little Pecker Located!

Nearly impossible to see when the leaves come.

Not very good light.

Distant views.

Found him at last.
Having failed miserably to locate this little fella recently ,I decided to make another visit to Moore nature reserve in Cheshire.I`d noticed that there had been numerous sightings made adjacent to the carpark, in the tall trees.Spured on by this information, I drove the 50 or so miles in high hopes.
On arriving at the carpark, I was greeted by thick fog!Anyway it was a morning out if nothing else.Typical or what!
Trundling down the path, scanning the tall trees, a slight movement caught my eye,looking up something was flitting about,probably a Nuthatch I thought!Then plain as anything tap tap tap tap in rapid succession,no it can`t be, I`ve only just arrived.There about 15 yards away, half way up an ash tree was what I`d come to look for, the Lesser Spotted,bloody hell!Luckily my camera was prepared for the occasion and I rapidly fired off a volley of shots before it disappeared into the mist.Although the light was rubbish, I had that warm glow of contentment you feel ,when a plan comes together!I suppose it was luck to stumble on it like that,but it took me 5 journeys and 500 miles to obtain a few half decent images of it.Next time I`ll try to capture it in better light,thats providing it gives me another opportunity!


  1. Wonderful news. If any one deserves a lesser spot you certainly do !!! What a memorable moment for you Paul. I knew your determination would win in the end. It never seems to be quite right for great pics but you have nailed it. Very well done.

  2. Thanks Brian.Sometimes I think I must be mad to do all this running around!

  3. Brilliant, thanks for sharing it.