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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Buzzards And Corvids!

The Kite swoops in regardless.
This Rook helps himself to a free meal!

The Buzzard takes centre stage!

Usually the Kites don`t land on the ground but this one IS a bit different!

Ravens close in! Solitary Rook
The Kites invariablly take centre stage at Gigrin,but its nice to observe the
antics of the Buzzards and other Corvids there.Its not often you see these birds at such close quarters,as the`re usually just a blip in the sky.
The Buzzards seem to have a lazy approach to the ongoings and seem to stay in one place to feed.The Ravens come in,take a piece of meat and stay on the edge. Last but not least the smaller of the birds the Rook grabs what he can and takes it to a convienient spot on on the outskirts of the field, usually accompanied by a few of his compatriots to devour his meal!All in all, interesting to watch these birds feeding in their different ways!!!

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