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Friday, 12 March 2010

Kites Aplenty (part two)

Very pale Red kite(morph)
The Morph Red Kite was easy to pick out.

A pleasing site!

The Black Kite,(escapee or from the continent?)

Notice the very square tail.

Close encounters!

Carrying on from my last post,it was interesting to watch the two indifferent Kites competing for food.The light coloured bird only seemed to appear about 3 times to feed during the 3 hours or so I was there.It wasn`t in any way pestered by the other birds,but seemed a little wary of things.
On the other hand the rare Black Kite was as boisterous and bold as could be,and must have entered the affray at least a dozen times that I saw!It was easy to lose sight of the bird with so much action,but it always reappeared in the thick of things at some point!
There seems some debate about the origin of the Black Kite,but it is a more than welcome guest at the location and for it to stay so long,it seems to have settled in very well!Maybe in the next few weeks it may decide to move onto its breeding territory,where ever that maybe.Thats the wonder of Nature, you just don`t know what`s going to turn up next!
In my next post, I`ll show a few images of the Corvids and Buzzards that have also got in on the party at Gigrin Farm.So bye for now then!


  1. Paul. More excellent images and interesting observations from Gigrin. Looking forward to Part 3 and to our next trip out.

  2. Super shots, thanks I must get down there.