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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Quest for the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker!

Greater Spotted Woodpecker.



I recently got wind of the whereabouts of one of our more elusive birds,the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.This Greenfinch size bird is on the top of most birders list as a must see.I myself haven`t seen one yet so this was to be a real challenge not least to try and obtain a photograph or two.
February to April would give me the best opportunity to find it, before the leaves appear on the trees.Also it would be setting up a territory for breeding at this time of year.
Armed with what little information I`d gleaned off the particular site,I set forth on my quest!200 acres to go at and 2" high,black and white and frequents the tops of tall trees.Hmm should be a doddle this one! 3 trips and 300 miles later,and still no sign!However I`ve narrowed it down to a particular area near to the carpark and a small clump of trees down the track!
Plenty of other birds were about though to keep me on my toes,namely Nuthatch,Treecreeper, Greater Spotted Woodpeckers coal tits and long tailed tits by the shedful.
Talking to other birders on the site, the LSW had been seen on numerous occasions albeit briefly.One lucky guy observed it for nearly 20 mins at a distance of 10 metres away!Wow what I`d give for that!
There is still plenty of time left yet, for me to hopefully gain some decent images of the bird.Hope you enjoy the images I posted and with a bit of luck my next blog will include the little Woodpecker!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. And what a shot, I can't even manage a Greater Spotted. Just shows there's so much to do and so little time. I await more images, Thanks.

  2. Paul. With your determination,persistence and a lot of luck I am certain you will be returning soon with images of the elusive LSW.

    Very nice variety of birds from your day out. What a pity we couldn't have added some barn owl shots as well. Better luck next time, I will be in touch.

  3. Good luck in you quest to find it. Your pictures are stunning. Birding has many rewards for those of us who love it.

  4. Cheers Bill,never a truer word said.The great outdoors eh!