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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Cyprus..Lady's Mile Waders

A few recent images from a day out in Akrotiri,at a place called Lady's Mile,Southern Cyprus.Usually this is a really good bet for the various types of wader that stop off here to refuel and rest up on their migration South.It can be a hit or miss affair in Autumn,depending on water levels.When I was there in mid September,there was still enough water on the salt marsh to tempt the waders to drop in.

 The main wader there in any numbers were Kentish Plover,accompanied by a few common Ringed Plover.A few Dunlin had been present ,the previous few days, but non were to be found this particular morning.A bird that I had hoped to see was Broad Billed Sandpiper,two had been reported in  the area the previous day, but look as I might,I could not pick them out!!!
 Good numbers of Little Stint were mixed in with the Plovers,giving excellent views in the early morning light!!

 The juveniles were busy probing and feeding in the rich mud there, conspicuous by their prominent white stripes down their back!!Thanks for dropping by and viewing the waders, another episode from Cyprus will follow shortly!!

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