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Monday, 21 March 2016

Spring in Cyprus!

Thought that I,d post a few images of some of the bird species that I encountered on my latest trip to Cyprus.The little owls were an ever present hiding away in the hawthorn bush,I think that they were used to people passing by,as a track ran right in front of them.A pair were on territory here and will soon be incubating eggs!

They were always enjoying the early morning sun whenever I passed!

I could have spent hours photographing these individuals,but I was happy to take a few shots on my way into the park!

Literally 300yds further on, another pair had set up territory amongst the boulders,these too were happy taking in the early morning sun! 

Penduline tit was a species that I hadn,t seen before,so I was over the moon to find up to 10 birds at Zakaki marsh near Limmasol.They were feeding amongst the reed beds there giving me excellent views!

They are birds that over winter in Cyprus,so i don,t expect them to be there much longer!

The coloration of the birds has been strongly resembled to Red backed shrike,here you can see why!

Stonechat were ever present,this fine male shows off his true colours.I,ll post some more images in my next blog of the birds from Cyprus!

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