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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Spring in Cyprus 2

Like in the British Isles,wheatears are usually one of the first migrants back from Africa,these Isabelline wheatears were to be found in really good numbers at Mandria!

They were always around the coastlines and hillsides whenever I was out and about!

The Cyprus wheatear were also back on territory,this male was advertising his presence to any passing females! 

Ferruginous duck were among the pools at Zakaki marsh towards Limassol!

These 5 birds had been around for quite some time!

A bird that I had heard so many times, but never managed to photograph, was this Cettis warbler,their explosive song echoing from the reed beds.Always reminds me of a large Wren to be honest!This one was amongst the Penduline tit flock and turned out to be quite a showy bird,but always at range.

Blue rock thrush were difficult to get near with the lens,this one was about 50 metres away.In the same area a rufous tailed rock thrush was about,but I was never able to find him!

This was one of the warblers that I had hoped to find on this trip,,,,Ruppells.They are quite common throughout Turkey but they rest up on Cyprus before heading north,a very distinct bird with the white moustacial stripes!

A female Ruppells warbler was also found around Paphos headland.I had it down as a female Cyprus warbler at first but my trusty collins guide gave me the right id in the end!

To finish off this part of the blog is a lovely Hoopoe that I found amongst the Olive groves .I came across another 3 of these later on, feeding along a dirt track.Thanks for looking in at the blog and I,ll post more photos of the birds of Cyprus later!


  1. Paul. Good to see you blogging again !! Looks like you have enjoyed lovely Spring weather in Cyprus. Great variety of birds all looking splendid and well captured by your lens.Think my favourite has to be the little owl.Will catch up with you soon.Loking good for Burnley too !!

    1. Thanks Brian,lets hope the clarets can pull it off...cheers!

  2. Stunning collection,love Cyprus,miss the Birds.

  3. Great selection of birds with stunning images Paul.Looks like your enjoying your holiday.