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Monday, 28 March 2016

Cyprus Spring 4

There were so many Corn Buntings proclaiming territory everywhere I went,they would be rattling out their jingly call from fence posts,tops of bushes,wires,just about anything they could hold a lofty perch from!I wish that we had them over here in the UK,but with farming as it is,we are lucky to have them in a few very isolated pockets!

Fan tailed warbler or its other name Zitting Cisticola.A pretty much bland, non descript bird that again was never too far away!

Another common warbler to Cyprus is theSardinian,this particular bird had paired up with a female and was searching out territory!

The Black Francolin somewhat resembles a pheasant type of game bird,but believe me, you are very lucky to get anywhere near to these super wary birds and they are  always hidden within dense vegetation/crops.You do certainly hear them calling from the fields,but they are very skulky.

I was just lucky to be in the right place this time as a few males seemed to be competing for territory!Being within the car helped me to obtain a good few images!

One of the only times that I've seen one out in the open!

Never to far from cover though!

The quest to attract a female brought these birds out of cover!

On the marshes were a few waders including the smart looking Kentish Plover!

One of three Hoopoe that we came across.Not often you see three together,obviously just migrated in off the sea!

A red throated pipit called from a lofty perch,you can just see the coloration on the breast!
So thats all from my trip to Cyprus earlier this month,I used to grab a few hours out at first light every morning with the odd couple of hrs towards evening.A very good array of birds on show,but still too early for Rollers,Shrikes,Bee eaters,harriers,lesser kestrel etc but I wasn,t at all complaining!Again thank you for dropping in on the blog and take care.


  1. such wonderful birds
    many of which i have never seen
    thank you for sharing your photos of them

  2. Your photos are beautiful, Paul! Thank you so much for sharing.