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Sunday, 17 May 2015


During my recent trip to Cyprus,many species of birds were encountered,non more so than the vast numbers of waders that drop onto the island to feed up and rest, on their migratory journey to the far north.

Greenshank,redshank,ruff,common,spotted and marsh sandpipers,ringed plovers to name but a few,all these were seen in good numbers on the various pools.I don,t have any favourite wader really, as they are all unique in their own way.

Below, I've put together a few of the cast for you to hopefully enjoy...I certainly enjoyed being in their company and duly wish them a safe journey to their breeding grounds!!
            The Ruff found here at Phassouri was taking a well earned rest in the early morning sunlight!
                       Spotted Sandpiper,these are being reported in the UK at this moment in time!
 A nice reflection of the Ruff on the pool.This small pool held 100/200 waders,but its waters were drastically reducing in the searing heat!

                                                                         Again.... Ruff!
 Now this was a wader that I;d never seen in summer plumage.Many times I've observed these on our local reserves but always in winter plumage,what a treat! Spotted Redshank.
                             Such a dramatic transformation,a stunner don't you think!
       These were found,whilst in the company of Albert Stoecker at Akrotiri salt marsh/Lady's mile!
                                             3 birds in total,and they allowed good views!
     Well I did say that I didn't have a favourite wader,but these may change my mind!
 A lot bigger than the common redshank,having longer legs,a slightly down turned bill,but unmistakable in their summer plumage!
A cracking bird to end the blog with.Thanks for dropping by and take care!


  1. Love the Spotted Redshank images Paul, and pleased you have at last connected with this wader.

    We have one in Lancashire in an area I visit at least once a week which is here all year round save a few weeks in the breeding season when it disappears.

  2. Paul. Super shots of the spot red.If memory serves me right didn't we have a spot red in summer plumage at Leighton Moss when all the curlew sands were around ?? Catch up with you soon.