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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Red Footed Falcons Anarita!

In Cyprus,the last week in April usually coincides with the arrival of good numbers of Red footed falcons.These stop off for a few days rest, to recharge their batteries and to capitalise on the abundant insects and small lizards that abound!

I'd timed my visit to perfection, as up to 50+ of these graceful little falcons were present around Anarita park and were affording some spectacular aerial displays,in amongst them were a few Lesser Kestrel too!

There was a stiff easterly breeze blowing, which the falcons utilised to hover and scan for prey below.Some were perched on the wires of the power lines, and would drop down immediately if they spotted anything!

They breed in eastern Europe including Ukraine/Roumania and Hungar,with the majority breeding in eastern russia around the steppes.They are tree nesters and nest together in colonies, in old corvids nests such as rooks!

The Falcons hung around for about 5 days before they continued on their return to their breeding grounds.It was a pleasure to get up close and witness the behaviour of the birds!I managed a few images of both male and female falcons hunting and at rest on the floor!

Thanks for looking in and I will be back with more tales from Cyprus soon!!
Anarita Park area looking towards the coast,literally the falcons are straight in off the sea after leaving Africa!
A stunning male!

All the time searching for food!

Perched female,they used the large thistles as lookout places!

Many of the falcons went to ground when prey was caught,usually landing on a small rock.This one took 10 mins disposing of a large lizard!

Females looked gorgeous in the evening light!

Insects were eaten on the wing.

A stunning looking adult male.As they patrolled the ridges you could position yourself parallel to them and capture them quite close!

You can see why they are named as such !

Taking a breather!

A small rather long winged falcon.

Posing nicely,15 metres from the car!

Up to 20 birds were sometimes airborne!


  1. Excellent images of the smart little Red-footed Falcon in Cyprus Paul.

  2. Paul. More wonderful images from Cyprus..What a wonderful experience to get images of these stunning little falcons from the car !! Looking forward to more from your super time in Cyprus.