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Saturday, 9 May 2015

A morning in the reed beds (Phassouri)

The alarm clock was set for 4.00am, as Albert was picking me up at 5.00 from the hotel.I have to give myself plenty of time to make flasks,prepare cold drinks and go through the photography gear,making sure that everything was in order.To my dismay I'd realised that I'd left my compact flash memory cards, about 40 gigs worth, whilst swapping hand luggage bags at home.Ah well nothing that I could do about it now.I probably had 16 gig with me which would last only a couple of days!

Albert duly arrived and I told him my mishap with the cards.He told me not to worry and duly presented me with 34 gigs of memory,telling me to post them on when I get home.Panic over and we were on our way, in the direction of Limassol,which was about an hour an a quarters drive!

Phassouri is a wetland area with a good few acres of reed beds,unfortunately the reeds are taking over at a considerable speed and the small pools are being overgrown!Albert told me that they still hold good numbers of waders,herons,egrets and warblers,so hopes were high for some close encounters.Arriving at first light we were the only people there,just as I like it!!I hope you enjoy the birds of Phassouri and I will again post a few more images from this wetland,so thanks for dropping in again and taking the time to view the blog!!!
Little Bittern.I knew they inhabited the reed bed,but to get a good clear shot was a bonus!

Nothing like the Bittern that we have here in the uk,a lot smaller!
Little Crake,this male was prowling the edge of the reed bed looking for a meal.

And so was this female.

Little crake,caught in glorious light.

Usually heard and not seen!Again being there at first light paid off!

The car was the hide again,as on foot, you wouldn't have been able to get anywhere near him!

Picking his way through the vegitation!

This was one of the only small pools left at phassouri and was a magnet for the birds!

Female Little Crake on the prowl!

The Cattle Egret posed nicely too!
The Little Bittern again!


  1. Birds I can only dream about Paul,you certainly look like you`ve had a good time.

  2. Super reed bed birds Paul. Lucky Albert was on hand to provide more memory.Great account of your day at Phassouri.