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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Cyprus/Akrotiri salt marsh

Continuing onto the saltmarsh area,I was surprised to see these gentleman performing their various manoeuvres,none other than our very own  Red Arrows.What a treat I had watching them perform various death defying stunts aganst a brilliant blue sky.For a good half an hour I was given the most amazing spectacle by, without question,the worlds premier aerobatics team in the world.This year 2013, will be their 49th consecutive display season in which they will continue to enthrall and captivate millions of people world wide,real ambassadors for the RAF.
 Based at RAF Scampton Lincolnshire,they are regularly deployed to Akrotiri Cyprus,to brush up on their routine.
 Stunning to watch.I used to travel all over to watch the Red Arrows in my younger days.
                                                   Truly spectacular!
 Anyway back to our avian subjects now,the saltmarsh covers a huge area on the outskirts of Limmasol,a very important staging post for all sorts of birds on their migration.
 Raptors too are regularly seen patrolling the reeds,this little female Merlin was found perched surveying the area.
 Initially I assumed it to be a Kestrel resting up.A real unexpected bonus to the day.It was the only one I saw during the whole week!!

 She only hung around 10/20 secs  before she was away!! Montagues Harrier were never far from view,a good scan around with the glasses usually turned one up!So I`ll end on that for now, with more raptors being portrayed in my next blog, especially one which I was really hoping to see in Cyprus..... I wasn`t to be dissappointed either!!!

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