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Monday, 10 June 2013

Lowland/Farmland birds..Cyprus

Following on from my last blog,I`ve decided to concentrate on some of the farmland species that I came across on my wanderings.Cyprus supports lots of small owner run farms,with potatoes,citrus fruits,grapes and many olive trees being the mainstay crops,ideal for the lowland birds,also much of the land is left alone to grow naturally.One of the most common birds around was the Corn Bunting which you could hear with its jingling call just about everywere!With agricultural intensification at its lowest,these birds are widespread.

Corn Bunting.

A rather non descript bird
One of the largest buntings in the western palearctic.
Black Headed Bunting, always perched high on a bush,could be heard continually calling.
Unmistakable plummage on this farmland bird.
In a way the equivalent to our Yellowhammer.
Golden Orioles were flitting through and I couldn`t resist the temptation with the camera.
Ortolan Bunting,its significant bright eyering and pale moustacial stripe make this more easy to recognise!
Unfortunately highly prized as a delicacy in Cyprus.I was told the cypriots pickle them inside jars and 6 of them can fetch as much as 80/100 euro.A highly lucrative business!
I hope you`ve enjoyed viewing some images of the birds of Cyprus and will be back soon with a  feature on the  Shrikes that were to be seen and found on my travels around this wonderful area. Thanks for stopping by!!!

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