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Friday, 24 May 2013

Cyprus....Phassouri/Akrotiri marsh

The following day I decided to visit the salt lake and surrounding areas including Phassouri reedbeds.My research had shown me it was a great place to view waders  and herons,in fact late aug/sept it is supposedly one of the best places in the western palearctic to view Demoiselle crane.An early start was called for and I was on the road for 5.00 am to get there for first light.
 At the reedbeds Glossy Ibis were avidly feeding in the soft mud.The water levels were well up for the time of year and it pushed the birds onto the surrounding grass lands.
 A really attractive bird with its green/brown and purple sheen,these were the first ones I`d ever seen so I was enthralled to see them wading in the shallow water.They feed on insects and small frogs and are usually found in small flocks!
 A black crowned night heron gave me a flypast in the half light.A stocky, short billed bird which is active mainly at night.
 Another first for me was the Purple Heron which crept quietly through the reeds.Later I witnessed up to 10 birds migrating north along the coastline,
 Squacco herons were abundant on the marshland, their light buffy brown colouration made them really stand out in the vegitation!
 This one landed in the middle of the road leading away from the marsh.

 Every were around the reedbeds there seemed to be a Squacco resting up or feeding.
 A few waders were to be seen on migration, amongst them was this lovely wood sandpiper.we get good numbers of this little wader through Britain during the Spring!
 Preening and having a good washdown,its important birds keep themselves in tip top condition at this time of year, not only to attract a mate but for their own well being on their long migration from Africa.A sickly weak bird simply wouldn`t be able to make it back!!

So a few more images from day 2 in Cyprus, with a good number of species completely new to me, observed and photographed.Its really a great feeling when you see so many new species in close proximity and always a bonus to get some within camera range.Thanks again for dropping by and a few more of my escapades will be coming up shortly....

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  1. Paul....I know you are well acquainted with trips abroad, but this an excellent illustrated account of your Cyprus trip. Looking forward to more of the same Paul.