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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Badgers on my doorstep!!!

 With bird activity pretty low at this time of year,I decided to concentrate on a local Badger sett I found recently.I had evidence of Badger activity within the area with all the tell tale signs evident,however it wasn`t until I had a chance encounter with a local land owner that I discovered the sett.It was situated up a small gully within a hay meadow and I was given permission to watch from a safe distance.The 2 badger cubs above were totally unaware of my prescence!
 I believe it had been used for the last 15 yrs and was the home to 2 adults with 4 large cubs.It is not an easy area to approach as it is quite open within the field.My viewing point at the moment is roughly 100 yds away across a small stream and on the side of a bank, almost level with the sett.It`s not the best vantage point for photography, but I am working on a plan to advance another 50 yds closer,this will incorporate the use of my small hide as cover.These 3 cubs emerged as I waited patiently.
 It`s usually about 8.30 pm when the Badgers emerge,always sniffing the air cautiously.I always have to make sure I`m well downwind of the sett, as their sense of smell is very acute and they will not tolerate any human disturbance!This Badger above and below is well within its comfort zone and hunts the damp grass for slugs and worms!
 Last night whilst in position,I had the pleasure of a fox appear from within the the undergrowth,

 He soon caught scent of me before he slipped quietly away.
 Thanks for looking in and I hope to bring you some more images of the Badgers and their ongoings shortly!!!


  1. Great shots Paul, look forward to seeing more of the badgers!

  2. Paul I was wondering what you had been up to !! Now I see and am very jealous !! Super shots of the badger cubs and the fox. Bet you can't wait to get a bit closer...Well done mate and catch up with you soon.

  3. Wonderful images Paul,I've never seen a badger in the wild.Your skills have certainly been put to the test here.Can't wait to see more images.Very well done.mj

  4. A wonderful opportunity for you to get up close on this exciting Badger sett which you have taken the advantage of to the full. Excellent illustrated tale Paul...Great stuff.