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Friday, 6 July 2012

Back to Bowland

 A return trip to Bowland produced varied sightings of birds normally associated with the upland fells.This male ring ouzel was back and forth feeding a fledgeling.I believe there were 3 pairs  that bred within close proximity of each other.
 Again a male Stonechat perches sentry like on the bracken!
 Often overlooked but often heard the Linnet.This male was taking grit from the footpath.
 The next 3 pictures are of a female Whinchat that posed extremely close to me.The use of a small throw over hide and keeping still made these shots possible.
  Nicely posed on the thistles!

The cock Linnet was highly prized as a cage bird in days gone by,they are much better appreciated in their natural environment though don`t you think.Its near cousin the Twite used to frequent the uplands as well,but numbers are well down round in my locality!


  1. Wonderful images from Bowland Paul,just love the composition of the last image with the linnet.Thank you for sharing.mj

  2. Another excellent account and illustrations of your recent visit to the splendour of the Bowland uplands and its birdlife. You must point me in the direction of the 'suspected' three pairs of Ring Ouzel sometime, though pleased to see you keep this location 'to yourself' and off the blog Paul.

  3. Paul. More beauties from Bowland...The last linnet is a lovely shot posing perfectly on the bracken in perfect light.