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Saturday, 24 September 2011

South Uist/Hebredes2

 Thought I`d continue my sortie to the Uists with a selection of birds that I encountered.The starlings had began to flock up for the winter,no doubt many from the Arctic had come in recently.Although often overlooked by the photographer they are in fact quite an attractive bird in their spotty winter plummage!
 Large flocks of waders were beginning to appear on the coastlines so I grabbed the chance of some close ups with the effervescent SanderlingMany of these were juveniles but its always a pleasure to sit patiently and capture the moment.
 They really do allow you to get close and I often think as I watch them scurry about, of whence they came and where they will end up on their journey South!
 The Wheatear is one of our first migrants to arrive in the Spring,so it saddens me to see them departing our shores on their long journey to Africa as it means Summer is just a memory and a long cold Winter lies ahead!!
 They certainly use a lot of energy in their quest for food!
 Huge flocks of Golden Plover inhabit the Machair but trying to get near them with the camera proved difficult!
 This Buzzard alighted quite close luckily I`d stopped for a drink of coffee and had the camera to hand,again these can be difficult to approach.
I was watching the Short Eared Owls when this female Hen Harrier appeared and began hunting over the Machair,she suddenly spotted something and pounced  on the unsuspecting prey!!!


  1. Paul. Nice to see the next installment of your trip to the Outer Hebrides. A nice selection of images. I think the close up waders are juvenile sanderlings !!! Nice atmospheric shots of the buzzard and hen harrier. Looking forward to more from your lens. Catch up with you soon.

  2. Really nice shot of the hen harrier, how nice to watch hunting a bird of prey!