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Friday, 21 October 2011

Hebridean conclusion

 She landed on a fence post in the distance.

 Stunning female Merlin

 Eyeing me with caution.
 Stunning light!!
 Absolutely awesome sunset!
To finish off my Hebridean adventure,I`ve posted a few shots of a bird that I really wanted to see on these western isles and thats the Merlin.I was fortunate to come across this female having caught what seemed like a Skylark,she flew away into the distance initially but I relocated her sat on a fencepost some 500 yds along the road.She stayed long enough for me to obtain a good few shots.

The Short Eared Owls were pretty regular throughout the trip but on the last evening there I had near perfect light to enable me to get some excellent shots.The conclusion to my weeks stay was the most amazing sunset looking out over the sea a truly fantastic end to my holiday!!!!


  1. A stunning set of images, including top-grade species! What a trip you must have had. The Merlin shots are fantastic - what a beautiful little creature and as for the SEO: Well - birdguides weren't wrong to commend that as highly as they did.

  2. Thankyou Christian for taking the time to read my posts and again for your kind input....

  3. Your photographs excite me here Paul. What an excellent end to what must have been an equally excellent Hebridean trip. Congrats also on the Birdguides Citation you received for the SEO 'Stunning Light' image, but not forgetting my favourite raptor the beautiful Merlin....great stuff Paul.

  4. Paul. What a fabulous conclusion..Two wonderful birds to finish off what must have been one one of the highlights of the year for you.A very well deserved POTW for your stunning SEO shot and what a way to finish your Hebridean holiday with magnificent sunsets..Excellent..very well done.

  5. Paul. Congratulations on the POTW well deserved for all the time and effort.An absolute stunning set of images.VERY WELL DONE.

  6. Thanks for your comments they really mean a lot to me.The Outer Hebredes is a truly magical place to visit!!