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Monday, 19 September 2011

South Uist/Hebrides.

On a recent trip to the Uists I had some lovely encounters with some Otters.This particular one was hunting the edge of a rocky outcrop, which I used to my advantage to get within 3 metres,when it heard the sound of the shutter button it just give me a quick glance and carried on unperturbed!!
 I was that close to it, I watched it chasing this fish underwater before finally surfacing with it in its jaws!
 This was another Otter I stumbled upon whilst driving around a freshwater loch in Bernerey.In fact there were 2 together, 20 metres from the bank.I could see one had caught this eel and after a couple of minutes toying with it, it headed towards the bank to devour it.There wasn`t any cover to advance closer but I was happy to watch from a safe distance of about 40 yds and obtained this image!!
 Whilst driving back to South Uist, I stopped to investigate what I thought was a dead pine martin by the roadside,however it turned out to be a polecat.I didn`t think there were any of these on the islands,so maybe it was an escapee from one of the local gamekeepers,interesting never the less!


  1. Paul. What can I say...MAGNIFICENT.. What a fabulous encounter. Am I jealous ??? I certainly am !! Excellent images Paul and I look forward to more from The Uists.

  2. Paul Absolutely Brilliant. Wonderfull images a holiday to die for.Can't wait for the next post.

  3. Fantastic images. just seen your photo of the SEO from Uist on Bird Guides - absolutely wonderful and quite a unique shot.