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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Turnstone, one of a number by the carpark!

Lying flat on my belly allowed me this shot!!

Feeding amongst the seaweed.

Busy Sanderling.

Ringed Plover
I decided to return to Fleetwood last week on the strength of there being some high tides forecast.It was a lovely bright morning as I arrived and I pleasantly strolled along the shoreline looking out for the Sanderling that feed there.They were easily located feeding amongst the seaweed, a small flock of about 25 birds were present and they allowed me to approach to within 15 metres undisturbed!They really do scurry along the waters edge, dodging the waves and spray.Amongst them I noticed another small wader with the busy Sanderling,it was a Ringed Plover,it too dashed about looking for food.You never know whats going to be there when you arrive, so its well worth the effort scanning the birds with the binoculars.There had been reports of a few Purple Sandpiper present, but I couldn`t locate these .I think they had moved further along the shoreline towards Rossall Point.It was an enjoyable experience with the waders and I must thank my good friend Bryan Rafferty for putting me on to them and hope you again enjoy a few of my images!

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  1. Well done Paul. Glad you enjoyed your visits to Rossall Point. We must do it again in the New Year. Not looking good for birding this week with the severe frosts accounting for numbers of Barn Owls and many of our smaller birds.

    Looking forward to more " adventures " in the New Year.