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Saturday, 4 December 2010

They came from the East

Plenty of berries were to be found by the birds.

Hungry birds, red berries and blue skies...fantastic!!

Oops I`ve dropped one!!

During the last month or so, we have had the good fortune to experience a massive influx of Waxwings into the country. Initially they were reported in North East Scotland around Aberdeen, but slowly they started to drift down the country to the Borders, then further into Northern England.I had awaited their arrival with great anticipation, knowing full well they would offer fantastic photographic opportunities,when they descend on to the berry laden trees to feed!
About 150 birds had been reported locally nr Clitheroe, and a twenty minute drive found me amongst the throngs who had come to observe and photo the Waxwings.The morning light couldn`t have been better with brilliant blue skies and trees laden with bright red berries,a perfect combination and a pleasent few hours were enjoyed in the company of some good friends.More people were coming by the minute,cars were stopping to ask what the fuss was about and locals all played their part,asking questions about the birds.It was as if a film star had been spotted with all the tripods and cameras about and the camaraderie was excellent.As I type this now some 3 weeks later, the birds are spread from North to South giving pleasure to many people across the country.I indeed never tire of these birds and some absolutely fantastic images have been posted by all and sundry.I hope you enjoy some of my attempts at capturing these great birds!!!!


  1. Paul. What a great time we all had at Barrow with the first wave of waxwings to arrive.Well captured in words and images and let's hope for a few more sessions with these photogenic stars of the bird world.

  2. Excellent series of shots. They really are crowd pullers, wherever they turn up.