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Friday, 3 December 2010

Algarve continued

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker searching for insects.
This ones a female noticable by its lack of red on its nape.

Juvenile Little Stint!

Arctic visitor stopping off en route to Africa!

Constantly probing the soft mud.

As we are gripped in the throes of Siberian tempretures,I thought I`d conclude my time spent in the Algarve earlier on in the year.How distant this now seems, with roads frozen all around, public transport in disarray and no sign in the let up of these freezing conditions! Anyway back to warmer climes and the first few images are of a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker I stumbled upon literally 50 yds up the track from our apartment.I could not believe my ears when I heard it calling from a small dead tree.I was quickly into position with the camera and managed quite a few images before it took flight and disappeared towards a large clump of trees in the distance.Even in the Algarve they are not common and I felt very priveleged to have seen this one feeding close by.
The next set of photos are appropiately of a juvenile Little Stint! I say appropiately, as it is a visitor from the Arctic tundra,this one no doubt on its way to Africa for the winter,only wish I could do the same as I write!!!It was feeding at the side of a lagoon I was walking round.At first I didn`t know what type of wader it was, but a quick check in the fieldguide and its small size gave it to me instantly.They really are small and diminuitive,quickly running to and fro, constantly probing the soft mud for invertebrates.It was oblivious to my presence and at one stage came within a yard of me.It had definately never come into contact with humans before and carried on its feeding as if I wasn`t there.The sun was low in the sky, so I made the most of the opportunity to photograph this Starling sized bird!I am already planning another trip to the Algarve in Spring next year when I`ll be able to spend a full week there.I`ll let you know how it goes on my return!!!!

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  1. Paul. Two special small birds beautifully captured to remind you of your wonderful holiday which was enjoyed by all your family. Bet you can't wait for a return trip to the Algarve.