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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Cyprus 4

The next day, found me heading to Akrotiri ,as I had heard of a report of a Bimaculated Lark there.A chap that I had met earlier in the week, had given me some directions to its whereabouts.Not being familiar with the area, it would take some locating.The only information I had to go off was the general area and that it was hanging around with some short toed larks, we would see!!I dropped in to Phassouri reedbeds,by the newly built hides for a half an hour.It was quiet really, save for a few Garganey and the odd Squacco Heron.A Black Francolin was calling noisily in the distances I went to check it out!!  Usually only heard and difficult to see, but this one was oblivious to my presence!They often hide away in the long grass and dense cover!

A Bimaculated Lark had been hanging around with a small flock of Short Toed Larks on the Peninsular,I was lucky to come across it after a good search!

It kept away from the pipits, which made it harder to find!

This male Northern Wheatear was chasing insects among the Spring flowers!
The small church on the peninsular is always worth a visit, its usually a magnet for migrants, with its surrounding vegetation being the main draw.However todays visit was really quiet due to the strong prevailing winds!
Many a passing migrant has stopped and refuelled at this sacred place!

Onto Ladies mile where I came across these two Slender Billed Gulls.Earlier a few Baltic Gulls had given a brief flypast.Apparently there was a Pallas' gull in the vicinity,but I never chanced upon it!

A drake Garganey was present at Phassouri,earlier in the day, without doubt my favourite duck.It was accompanied by 2 females.So Yes I had had a very interesting day at Akrotiri,with the Bimaculated Lark being the highlight I suppose.Tomorrow I had planned to meet up with Albert Stoecker for a day out in to the Troodos mountains, to see if we could find some of the islands endemic species!

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