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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Wilson's Phalarope Lancs

Yesterday afternoon, news came through of a juv Wilson's Phalarope being reported from a local wetland.Gathering the camera equipment together,I set out to try and get a few images of this North American wader.With all the bad weather and hurricanes out there at the moment, it had been blown of course and made landfall here.The last time such a bird had been reported in Lancashire,was 2010.
 There was a few other birders about, keen on seeing the wader.Views were rather limited, as you had to cram behind a screen and look through the different slots.The bird was about 50 metres away and flitted between the main and small shallow pools.
 It was really active in its search for food.It's needle sharp bill picking off flies from the surface.Every now and then it would start spinning around in circles to displace the mud which held invertebrates.
 They usually migrate to South America on lakes high up in the Andes,but it certainly was a welcome bonus here!
 In between some heavy showers,I gained a few images!An interesting fact is that it is one of the only shorebirds that swim in deep water too.
The bird has not yet been reported today,10/09/17,so lets hope it returns!
 This particular site has held all three Phalarope species now,so credit must go to the local birder who found it and put the news out!
I hope you enjoyed the small account of my afternoon and thanks for dropping by!


  1. Really good to hear that you saw the Wilson's Phalarope, and got your share of excellent shots of the bird Paul.