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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Salmon run

It was that time of year again,when numerous salmon try to reach their spawning grounds in the higher reaches of their native rivers.On one of my local rivers,this entails a journey of about 65 miles from the coast!Many obstacles lie in their path throughout this arduous journey!They are helped on their way by the environment agency,who have installed numerous fish ladders ,so that the salmon can navigate more easily, the more difficult parts of the river.However there is no such ladder at this particular location and the salmon have to rely on water levels and brute strength to proceed on their journey.

The effects of a dry summer can be seen on the coloration of a lot of these salmon.With there being little rain throughout the summer months,the fish have been holed up in the deeper pools of the river,waiting for the water levels to rise.Many a salmon angler has cursed the weather and lack of rain this last season,with poor catches of fish being the norm!These days my rods are rarely used and I like to catch the fish on the camera now,a lot less stressful for the salmon,but quite a challenge for the photographer.

I know that if conditions are right, I should be in with a chance of a few images of the leaping salmon.A good few hrs were spent at the fosse, with relatively good numbers of salmon and sea trout moving through.Quite a few fish managed to scale the fosse whilst I was there,with the rest continually trying against the strong flow.Driven on by the urge to breed,I,m sure they will have achieved their aim!

I hope that you enjoy some of the images that I managed to capture last month on my now annual recce,and thanks again for taking the time to drop by!!
                            Plenty of water was in the river to aid the salmon on their way!

  Many attempts were thwarted by the sheer volume of water coming down the river!
            It didn,t keep the fish from trying though.
              A leap of about 3 metres is needed to get over the sill of the river!
       Two at once this time!
         A nice hen fish of about 10 pound,it could even be a sea trout!
                One of the many very coloured up fish!
            Again a nice duo try their luck!
                   Almost there!

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  1. Well done Paul. As you say it is quite a challenge to catch salmon on camera.You have done well with the Ribble fish.Plenty of action to keep the camera busy.Catch up with you soon.