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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Liverpool Bay/ Gannets and dolphins

Everybody had a go at catching the mackerel,myself included!

Back in July,I was given the opportunity to spend a day out on a boat, photographing Gannets and hopefully a few other species of seabirds around and out from Liverpool bay.In total there were 7 of us including my good friend Brian Rafferty!This was the second trip that I`d been on aboard the vessel Discovery,which was a purpose built 33ft blyth catamaran with all the latest electronic equipment on board.The skipper was gary flint with over 35 yrs boating experience.Usually she is chartered for fishing trips, but providing there are enough people,gary will gladly accommodate photographers and nature lovers alike!. www.discoverycharters.co.uk Its always a worry when you book a charter for the day, as it is always very weather dependent.Today though was just fine, with a light breeze and a few showers forecast.

We had plenty of time to aquaint ourselves with the other photographers on board, as it would take us 45/60 mins to reach the area where Gary had previously seen good numbers of Gannets before.We intended fishing for mackerel,which we would then throw out for the Gannets to feed on,also Richard had prepared a concoction of oily pellets to entice other seabirds into the area too.

Catching the mackerel.
With plenty of mackerel being thrown overboard,the Gannets were soon onto them.
Not easy to capture as they plunged from over 60 ft up!

A few juveniles got in on the act too!
Hardly a splash was made as the birds plunged arrow like after the fish.
A real bonus to the trip was a pod of about 30 bottle nosed dolphins, who were also here to feed on the  abundant mackerel shoals!
In all the time Gary as been out with the boat,he said that he has never experienced such close encounters with the dolphins as today!
They really did perform for the cameras,this one came for a really close look at us.
Directly under the bow of the boat,just feet away!
Perfect conditions for watching the dolphins, with hardly a breath of wind!
Fill your boots Brian!
A truly amazing experience.

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  1. Paul. What a wonderful day we all enjoyed.Lots of memorable images of the gannets and dolphins.Hoping for a repeat performance next year.